What’s a Good GMAT Score? The Ultimate Guide-2020

GMAT Score 2020

Students who want to pursue an MBA program from top B-Schools would be required to have a good GMAT Score to start with. The next question would be, what exactly is a good GMAT Score? Read on to understand the definition of a good GMAT score and its importance.
The GMAT exam is a computer-adaptive test that assesses the candidates’ analytical writing, quantitative, verbal and reading skills in standard written English. The cost of GMAT Exam is US $250. This test is taken to get admission into a graduate management program, such as MBA and Masters in Finance related courses in top business schools across the world.In this article, we will inform you about each and every aspect related to GMAT covering GAMT Score to GMAT Exam Structure and more:

What's m7 mean?

The M7 are considered the best graduate business schools in the US, namely Harvard, MIT, Columbia, Wharton, Northwestern, Chicago, and Stanford. They are the most prestigious and difficult to gain admission in the US with top salaries and job prospects. You must be a top student as well as have a minimum of three years work experience to apply.

GMAT Score

How should I find out what my good GMAT score is?

Each of your five GMAT Scores i.e. 4 GMAT sections and the total score is reported on a fixed scale. These are your official scores that appear on your GMAT Score Report. Your selected score recipients will receive these scores. 

What is a good GMAT score? How to Calculate GMAT Score?

Rising GMAT score also signifies that competition among the aspirants is rising year after year and it also indicates the increasing potential of the candidates. Apart from this, one also get an idea that competition among the top B-schools is also increasing substantially. Now a days, even top institutes are offering more amount of scholarship money to candidates in order to attract top scorers. Having a high GMAT score must be your top priority, however, you should also focus on building a strong profile along with it.

As it has been noted that the top B-schools across the globe give paramount importance to GMAT score while evaluating student’s performance, but they give equal importance to candidates’ overall profile as well. Always remember, your application must be a combination of a strong profile and a high GMAT score. Also, check the requirements of the program and university you are looking for and then set your targets accordingly. Like average GMAT score for Harvard is 730, however, scoring 730 or more does not guarantee admission. So, it is always advisable to give equal importance in making a strong profile as well. Make sure that your application should highlight strong leadership skills, your achievements, and abilities to tackle complex situations.


The GMAT Score Report comprises of these elements:

  • Your Quantitative Score (0 – 60), with percentile
  • Your Verbal Score (0 – 60), with percentile
  • Your Total GMAT Score (200 – 800), with percentile
  • AWA Score (half-integers from 0 to 6), with percentile
  • Integrated Reasoning score (integers from 1 to 8)

Is My GMAT Score Is Enough?

Twenty years back the average GMAT score for top B-school was around 600. In the present time, however, the demand for the MBA course has increased dramatically.The average GMAT score for the top MBA programs at premier universities across the globe consistently falls in the 700-730 range.

It is not just the international colleges, but premier institutes in India that also prefer high GMAT score. Like GMAT score for ISB is 711 and IIM (Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore) also prefer students who scored more than 700. It is obvious that one should have a high GMAT score to get into a top college. However, scoring low GMAT score does not mean you should not apply to your dream school as the above average score does not confirm an admit letter. If you are not satisfied with your score, you can always reject it and attempt the GMAT exam again.

Below Table gives the idea about the comparative score percentile, marks of each section and good GMAT test scores:


Score range





Analytical Writing


















Integrated Reasoning






Total Scaled Score






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